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South African Swimming Tour

Saturday, 11. February 2012
Martin Strel, the Big River Man and his team are in South Africa at Midmar Mile , the world´s largest open water swimming event in the world. Martin is giving talks at several events and helping promoting open water swimming activities in South Africa.
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NEW-Croatian short swimming holiday

Sunday, 5. February 2012
Due to an increased interest and numerous enquiries, we have decided to introduce a new short version of Croatian swimming holiday.
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Lake Bled swimming in the winter

Thursday, 5. January 2012
Swimming outdoor is mainly known as a summer activity, but some brave swimmers do it all-year around.
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Slovenian lake swimming holiday ON SALE

Tuesday, 20. December 2011
If you are already looking for your next summer holiday, we offer you FIRST MINUTE SALE on our Slovenian lake swimming adventure until 16th January, 2012
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Martin Strel Swimming Article: Incredible Endeavours

Monday, 19. December 2011
Microsoft´s MSN writer talked to Martin about his incredible swimming achievements and here is the article.
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Swimming Vacation Tours

Wednesday, 30. November 2011
We are proudly announcing our new swimming tour location in the Unites States. Lake Powell on the Colorado river offers an incredible venue for our new swimming vacation tours. This amazing lake on the border of Arizona and Utah was created by the construction of Glen Canyon Dam in 1963.
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We Are A Responsible Swimming Holiday Operator

Tuesday, 8. November 2011
Water is Life. We swim in a lake, river and ocean and water is like our second home. The fact that water is the oil of the 21st century isn’t something new today.
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Swimming Adventure Article by Royal Automobile Club

Sunday, 30. October 2011
Even great explorers have pipe dreams. For Martin Strel - a man who’s faced down piranhas in the Amazon, dodged dead bodies in the Yangtze and holds the world record for the globe’s longest unbroken swim - it’s climbing Mt. Everest.
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Martin Strel Motivational Speaking About Wild Swimming Adventures

Friday, 21. October 2011
Legendary marathon swimmer Martin Strel is known as the Big River Man and the only man in the world who has swum the 5 greatest rivers on the planet: the Amazon, Yangtze, Paraná, Mississippi, Danube. He holds four Guinness World Records in long distance open water swimming.
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Strel Swimming Holiday Article by Guardian

Monday, 29. August 2011
Newspaper feature article written on our wild swimming trip in Slovenia.
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Slovenian Swimming Adventure Trip Highlights

Friday, 26. August 2011
See some great photos and videos of our recent trip.
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Strel Swimming Holiday Article by Financial Times

Friday, 12. August 2011
Feature-length article written on our swimming adventure holiday trip in Slovenia.
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Swimming Slovenian Lakes and River

Wednesday, 13. July 2011
See highlights of our Slovenian swimming trip.
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Swimming Croatian Dalmatian Coast

Thursday, 30. June 2011
See highlights of our recent swimming trip in Croatia
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Martin Completes Colorado Swim

Thursday, 16. June 2011
We followed Martin´s extreme canyon swim on Colorado
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We attended USMS Nationals in Arizona

Friday, 6. May 2011
We went and promoted ourselves at U.S. Masters Spring Nationals in Mesa, Arizona
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World Water Day

Tuesday, 22. March 2011
Today is World Water Day, which aims to highlight the importance of freshwater and the sustainable management of freshwater resources. The world´s population is growing and the demand for clean water is increasing.
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Martin Strel attending trips

Wednesday, 23. February 2011
We are excited to announce that Martin will attend our Croatian and Slovenian trip.
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Bookings for summer 2011 are now OPEN

Friday, 18. February 2011
We have opened our Slovenian and Croatian 2011 tours. Please have a look at our tours description and do not hesitate to contact us for any information.
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Brand Launch at Cold Water Swimming Championships

Saturday, 22. January 2011
We launched our new brand, Strel Swimming Adventures, on 22 January 2011 at the Cold Water Swimming Championships at Tooting Bec Lido, London. Lots of swimmers (and spectators!) were excited about our new venture and we´re looking forward to seeing many of you on our holidays this summer.
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Strel Swimming Adventures

Saturday, 1. January 2011
Strel Swimming Adventures was founded in winter 2010/2011 by father and son Martin and Borut Strel. Slovenian duo Martin and Borut are both passionate swimmers who have had many successes (and adventures!) in some of the World´s greatest waters.
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