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Clients´ Reviews

SLOVENIAN SWIMMING HOLIDAY TRIP REVIEWS (For Best Viewing Watch The Video in HD quality Full Screen):

Your organisation, effort and encouragement you made in making this a special experience is appreciated by all of us. The trip was very enjoyable and we look forward to seeing you on future trips!
~ Group of seven Australians (Sept 2011)

Greatly enjoyed the trip, helped to improve my swimming and build confidence in doing things outside my box. Worth making it a 4 day rather than 3 day trip. Slovenia is beautiful. Everyone was so friendly. Magical holiday-Thank you very much. Also alot of laughing, joking and positivity.
~ Lindsey, Bath, UK (Sept 2011)

Amazing people, amazing locations and organised to perfection. The service was so personal and Borut and his team couldn´t do enough to help. It was a packed and tiring three days, but with lovely relaxed evenings and it was customised so that all abilities of swimmer and non-swimmer alike were catered for and able to enjoy their holiday.
~ Fiona, East Sussex, UK (Sept 2011)

As a demanding client, my expectations were high and luckily well met. Great experience, Go Strel Swimming!
~ Elias, Lebanon (August 2011)

I´ve swum in many rivers and lakes, but the Slovenian lakes and rivers are some of the most beautiful in the world. I´ll recommend this trip to friends.
~ Carl, UK (August 2011)

The Slovenian water is crystal clear and surprisingly warm - I highly recommend it to anyone who likes outdoor adventure swimming. Strel´s team was great!
~ Ben, Devon, UK (July 2011)

We really had the very best holiday. Everything about it was amazing, so a million thanks. We are even planning on coming to Slovenia in August for a family holiday!
~ Emma and Isabel, Calne, UK (July 2011)

I just wanted to say thanks so much for such a fantastic adventure in Slovenia - I really enjoyed myself. I loved the variety of the swims we did and thought that the whole trip was really well thought out.
~ Clare, London (August 2011)

I absolutely love your country. Your trip made it even more special, well done on organising an excellent swimming adventure!
~ Giovanna, Kent, UK (July 2011)

Over three days in Slovenia, I swam further than I had ever done before, repeated that distance several times, and then doubled it. Had I been in a chlorine-ridden indoor pool, I´m not sure I would have found the energy.
~ Guardian, Jonathan Knott, travel writer (August 2011)

The Soca is one of the many pristine rivers in Slovenia, an Arcadian land of lakes, mountains and forests that feels like an unspoilt and less uptight Switzerland.
~ Financial Times, Tom de Castella, travel writer (July 2011)


We really did have a fantastic time in Croatia - thank you so much! You made us all very happy indeed!
~ Sarah and Sonnove, Norway (June 2011)

I had such a wonderful time for the whole week of Croatia swimming. Can´t wait to return! Very well done.
~ Pete, South Africa (June 2011)
You made us feel that the holiday was tailored for us in many ways. The food, the evenings out, liaising between the boat crew and informing us of the best daily locations without wind.
~ John, Devon, UK (June 2011)