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Lake Bled Winter Swimming Cup 2012

The idyllic Alpine gem, Bled, world renowned for its beautiful lake with an enchanting island and mysterious ancient cliff-top castle, was the host of World Winter Swimming Championships in January 2010. The incredible atmosphere and a lot of positive energy that were felt on this particular event, encouraged Bled Tourist Board to continue organising Winter Swimming Cups in Bled in the following years.


Duration: Swimming -1 Day, With Other Activities-3 Days
Tour Type: Lake Winter Swimming
Average Daily Swim: 50m
Accomodation: Hotel on the Lake

We kindly invite you to the WINTER SWIMMING BLED CUP 2012, Lake Bled, Slovenia on Saturday, 11th February 2012.

The venue chosen for this event is the outdoor pool (Lido) in front of Grand Hotel Toplice. Swimming competition will be held on the Lake Bled, where water temperature around 3-4°C can be expected. Sauna and Jacuzzi hot tubs will be available for all the competitors.

Competitive disciplines:
A - 25m breaststroke
B - 25m freestyle
C - 50m freestyle
D - 4x25m breaststroke relays
E - 4x25m freestyle relays

Non-competitive event:
F - “Penguins” - dip in the water

To sign up for the event as an individual or team, please have a look at the EVENT BROCHURE where all the details are outlined.

We have prepared a 3-day programme (packages) for our Winter Swimming Cup and other activities in the area (alpine skiing, nordic walking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, wine-tasting). To book a package trip outlined in the BROCHURE that includes swimming, accommodation and other activities, please use Strel Swimming online booking system below, a safe way to pay online.

For more information on winter ice swimming, please contact Bled Tourist Office directly:

Bled Tourist Board
Cesta svobode 11, SI – 4260 Bled, Slovenia
T: +386 (0)45 780 500
F: +386 (0)45 780 501
E: info@dzt.bled.si

NOTE!. Strel Swimmming Adventures is partner with Bled Tourist Board and offers its online booking system and helps promote the event. We co-organise the event with Bled Tourist Board, so please address all the swimming part questions to us and all the rest to Bled tourist board. Thank you.

About Area


With immense natural beauty, Bled, together with its surroundings, ranks among the most beautiful alpine resorts, renowned for its mild, healing climate and thermal lake water. The beauty of the mountains reflected on the lake, the sun, the serenity and the fresh air arouse pleasant feelings in visitors throughout the year, guaranteeing an ideal base or a relaxing break or an active holiday. Bled attracts businessmen, artists, athletes, explorers, adventure swimmers and rowers, the old and the young, from all over the world, enchanting them to return again and again.

Basic information
Altitude 501 m, Castle Hill 604 m, Mt. Stra┼ża 646 m. Number of inhabitants 5476.
Tourist capacity 4000 beds. Lake: altitude 475 m, length 2120 m, width 1380 m, area 144 ha, maximum depth 30.6 m, maximum annual water temperature is 26°C.

Curative Waters
The thermal springs which are led into the swimming pools at the Grand Hotel Toplice (23°C) and the Park and Golf Hotels (28°C - the water is additionally heated) enable pleasant swimming and successful treatment of stress related illnesses, exhaustion, neurovegetative disorders and age-related fatigue.

Bled´s is a mild, healthy sub-Alpine climate with the longest swimming season of any Alpine resort. The ridges of the Julian Alps and the Karavanke protect it from the chilly northern winds. During the summer months there is no fog. The average monthly temperature in July is 19°C and in January -1.7°C.