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Four week training plan

We have put a together a simple 4-week training plan that prepares you for our swimming adventure holidays. You are welcome to join our tour even if you are unable to complete the training plan in full, but the plan certainly helps if you plan on completing the swimming distances on the itinerary.

The four week training plan is designed for intermediate swimmers and it consists of 12 sessions. It includes all four strokes but the emphasis is on freestyle technique and drills. We have also included the use of kickboards, pull buoys and hand paddles. The total distance of each session starts at 2000 m and slightly increases through the weeks. We have excluded the time limits as the main goal is to achieve the distances throughout the 4 weeks.

If you swim outdoors, try to achieve the distances from the plan and please take into consideration the key differences between pool and open water swimming. Main factors are: temperature/weather conditions, buoyancy, support and navigation. Most outdoor swimmers achieve the longer distances more easily.

Click here to download PDF FILE.