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Strel Swimming Adventures

Strel Swimming Adventures was founded in winter 2010/2011 by father and son Martin and Borut Strel. Slovenian duo Martin and Borut are both passionate swimmers who have had many successes (and adventures!) in some of the World´s greatest waters.
Martin, also known as the “Big River Man”, is a renowned professional marathon swimmer, and promoter of peace, friendship and clean waters. He is also a Guinness World Record holder and has been described as the World’s Greatest Marathon Swimmer, having swam the 5 greatest rivers in the world: Amazon, Yangtze, Paraná, Mississippi and Danube. Martin’s next challenge is in May 2011 when he plans to swim Grand Canyon’s Colorado River in USA. Stay tuned for further updates (you can sign up to Martin’s newsletter here). Martin accompanies some of our tours when his schedule permits to share his experiences and provide tips to motivate you to maintain your swimming lifestyle.

Borut is also an experienced swimmer. He is Martin’s lead guide, personal assistant and project manager for Martin’s swimming expeditions. Borut also has significant experience of coaching and guiding swimmers at several locations across the Mediterranean. Borut is the driving force behind Strel Swimming Adventures and has passed on his vast experience to our guiding team to ensure that our tours are second to none.

We are proud of our strong family tradition in the swimming  world. We promise to stand behind our name and deliver top customer service and unbeatable value for money. Our collaboration with our partners also means that our guests will have the best equipment available, as well as other trip arrangements and support.

We look forward to welcoming  you on our swimming adventures this summer.