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Our Partners

We are proud to be a associated with our partners and suppliers which help us running our complex operation effectively. We know the importance of professional service and support and therefore, we have teamed up with below partners.

NABAIJI is an international swimming brand headquartered in South West France. They produce and distribute (via mother company Decathlon, Oxylane group) a wide range of swimming equipment throughout the world. We use their brand new swimming products on our tours such as; fins, wetsuits, rash vests, towels, hats, goggles, mp3 players etc. Also, both Martin and Borut Strel (our founders) collaborate with Nabaiji team on product development and testing for new open water swimming products.

SLOVENIAN TOURIST BOARD is responsible for the promotion and marketing of Slovenian tourism at home and abroad through a range of activities. Cooperation and partnership with the tourism industry and other entities is of key importance.  We work closely with several tourist board offices to gain the interest for our swimming holidays in Slovenia. They help us by providing the marketing material, inviting us to their international fairs and spreading the word via their distribution network.

Lake Bled with its natural island in the middle is one of the SLovenia´s highlight and a popular tourist destination. Glacial lake is a warm paradise summer swimming location with no motorised boats, turquoise water, a castle on cliffs above the water, mountains all around, and in the middle an island out of which rises a tall white church tower. We do two Lake Bled swims on our swimming tours.

Lake Bohinj is the largest natural permanent lake in Slovenia, measuring 318 ha. It is 4100 m long, 1200 m wide and 45 m deep. Located in a glacial hollow of Julian Alps, the lake comprises over 100 million cubic metres of water . The main tributary is the Savica river that springs at the waterfall under the rock wall of Komarca.  The lake is a perfect venue for our swimming trips. We usually walk on the northern side of the lake and then swim back the entire length.

DPD is one of Europe´s leading providers of parcel services, which makes the company a reliable partner for both domestic and international parcel shipping. We use their service to deliver our packages to our tour locations as fast as we can to be in time with bussines!

PLANET OF HEALTH is a brand name of European firm As An Ltd. which produces and markets its products for natural skin care. All their products are completely natural coming from variety of extracts. We have their natural oils on our tours available if anyone would like to protect the skin.

SPIN TRAVEL is a Slovenian based tour operator. They offer unique tours around Slovenia such as wine tasting, truffle hunting and exploring Slovenian caves. They asist us with tranfers from/to the aiports as well as with hotel bookings.

MOSTRO is a Greek RIB manufacturers. After 26 years in the Greek and international RIB market, with more than 5-500 boats, and a full range of models, MOSTRO is the most recognizable and established firm in Greece. It is known as a synonym for high quality, economical and sea worthy boats. We use their boats on our tours to provide the best escort and safety possible.


Midmar Mile South Africa, the largest open water swimming event in the world

Blue Manta Swimming offers open water coaching for triathletes, open water swimmers & Channel swimmers. Guaranteed to make swimmers faster & smarter in the water!

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Swimming Games
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